About the Pianokids™ Creator

The Pianokids teaching method is the brainchild of Angela Grace, or “Ms. Angela”, as her piano students have called her for over 35 years.

Ms. Angela started her music training when she was 8 years old. She took traditional music lessons for years, and performed at classical piano recitals well into her teens.

She began teaching piano at the request of some members of her church who wanted to learn to play. Before long she had several students, so she set up her own private studio in the Pensacola, Florida area.

When a world renowned piano company invited Ms. Angela to a training program to learn how to teach piano to preschool children, she eagerly accepted.

Against the Grain

Somewhat against the traditional piano teaching mindset, Ms. Angela began to bring more and more 3- to 5-year-old children into her growing piano studio.

This age group became her sole focus starting in 1989, and over the next few years she fine-tuned her process of teaching piano to this very young age group.

She incorporated as Piano Kids, Inc., in 1994, and shortly after that, the program took off! The program gained popularity and the company expanded quickly.

For about ten years, the Pianokids team of professionals taught as many as 300 students per year in schools across multiple counties in Florida.

Making Changes

When her eldest daughter started high school, Ms. Angela decided to close the company and retire, returning to teaching up to 50 students per week one-on-one in her home studio.

With all her children grown and out of the house, she and her husband eventually decided to "retire" to South Carolina in 2010.

With more time on her hands, Ms. Angela turned her attention back to the Pianokids program. Knowing how well the program works and the many benefits that accrue to Pianokids graduates, she wanted to share it with as many parents as possible around the globe.

With Internet access now widely available, taking the program online was the natural next step. In 2015, Ms. Angela began assembling a team to help her take Pianokids online.

The Real Life Piano Kids

Ms. Angela is married to her beloved high school sweetheart, Danny, and is the proud mother of three children, Erica, Evan, and Erin. You might recognize these names from the characters in the Pianokids lesson books!

The three children each started learning piano with her curriculum at three and continued playing piano along with other band instruments, as well as enjoying tennis, barrel racing, surfing, and hunting through high school.

WHile Evan focused on other pursuits, Erica and Erin taught in their mom's studio during high school and into their college years. Erin is featured in the Virtual Piano Studio on the Pianokids website.

In 2014, she was blessed with her first grandchild, Isla Grace, who is sure to become another character in the Pianokids program very soon!