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Enrollment Fee (one time)
*Includes Pianopack Materials pictured here
*Includes parent support throughout use of the program


First month Online Piano Studio Subscription
*Supports parent and child using Pianopack materials with online interactive learning activities
*Includes Virtual Teacher assistance with engaging prerecorded lesson videos. (Need a link to a specific video already uplaoded to Vimeo or Youtube)

$ Plus

Tax, Shipping and Processing Fee
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Pianokids goodies

Give the Gift of music to a child

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Music changes lives. Together we have the opportunity to help other parents teach their children to play piano.

We believe every child deserves access musical instruction. Our program allows hardworking parents who would otherwise not have the means to get music lessons for their child, to do just that.

If watching your child delight in their piano learning inspires you to share that gift, here is an opportunity. Your donation will be assigned to a child who has reached out with excited interest in Pianokids. When a specific child is chosen to receive your donation, we will email you so you will know exactly when you began changing their life.

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Compare Rates

The information below compares the pricing of our tried and true outside-the-box method to traditional methods. We firmly believe in the teaching of pre-school children, even though it is very difficult to find traditional teachers who are experienced or even willing to begin lessons at this young age.


What You Pay Per School Year

Traditional Lessons $815

$765 ($85 x 9 months)
(Traditional school year, using the low end of cost. Professional lessons usually range from $85 - $125/month, normally taught once per week)

+$50 - Approximate lesson books and material (books, reg. fee, trophies, prizes, etc.)

$765 + $50 = $815 / school year TOTAL
This doesn’t include the time and expense of getting your child to and from their lesson, often scheduled during work hours.






Pianokids $286.99

$269.00 Pianokids Curriculum All in One Price

+$17.99 - First month of Pianokids Online Membership, resumes monthly upon delivery of Piano Bag

$269.00+$17.99 = $286.99 TOTAL ENROLLMENT YOU PAY NOW.
$484.88 PK SCHOOL YEAR TOTAL (First Year Only)

This total includes you choosing when and where the lessons are given. Will your child be with grandparents this week? That isn’t a problem. You won’t have to be worried with them having to get your child to and from their lesson. As a matter of fact, THEY can give the lesson! Not only does your child learn the art of piano playing but Pianokids offers opportunities to form cherished memories.

*Monthly Subscription is only subject to a minimum 6-month commitment.