Benefits Of Online Piano Lessons

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Benefits Of Online Piano Lessons

In today's digital age, you can do a lot online. Many skills can be acquired through online learning. With the help of Pianokids and our online piano lessons, learning the piano is now one of them. We took the time to develop a comprehensive course designed to teach all of the fundamentals of learning the piano the traditional way completely online.

Benefits Of Online Piano Lessons For Kids

1. Effective and Proven
This program was created with the sole purpose of taking what works with traditional piano learning and applying it to an online space for a younger audience. Through experience, we knew that programs were traditionally developed for older kids or adults in mind. We wanted to change all of that. We wanted to tailor and optimize a learning program with an age group that we found was most often overlooked in musical education. This program was crafted 30 years ago by Angela Grace and it has since been used to teach thousands of students how to play the piano effectively.

2. Fun
All of the lessons you will find online with Pianokids are designed with young kids in mind. We know and understand how difficult it can be to maintain kids from this age group's attention span. That is why all of the online piano lessons are thoroughly engaging to a younger audience and they progress very naturally throughout the course material from simple to much more complex. We utilize motivational techniques including the ability to earn both stickers and prizes.

3. Affordability
Paying for private piano lessons is a thing of the past. These private lessons can be exorbitantly expensive and it is something that a lot of parents simply don't have the funds for. After all, you are paying for a teacher's time. It's an incredibly dated and inefficient way to learn the piano, especially at such a young age. With online piano lessons, we are able to cut the cost of learning into a fraction of what you would pay for private lessons.

4. Progress At Their Own Pace
With online piano learning, you will be able to allow your kids to progress at their own pace. You can go through the course material with them and take it as slow or as fast as you want.

Benefits Of Having An Online Piano Teacher:

1. Convenience
The convenience of our online piano classes is unparalleled. You will be hard-pressed to find a more convenient way to teach your kids the piano. All of our courses are delivered online. Meaning, your kids will be able to learn from the comfort of their own home and they will be able to do so without requiring transportation to and from class. The convenience factor is one of the major selling points of our online program because we know how difficult it can be for busy parents to coordinate to get their kid's schedule matching their own. Because you will have the flexibility to tailor the learning schedule with your own, it will give you even more convenience of being able to avoid conflicts that would normally crop up with traditional piano learning.

2. Teach As Many Students As Possible
With traditional piano learning, a teacher is only able to teach one-on-one. This method is flawed and dated. With our online learning program, a piano teacher is able to teach as many students that sign-up for the course. As mentioned, this not only decreases the total cost to learn the piano for kids, but it can ensure that there is an affordable plan for piano for all.

3. Virtual Piano Teacher
With a virtual piano lesson, you will be able to have your kids get helpful hints that they can use for each lesson in the curriculum. Therefore, if you are worried you will lose the ability to get the guidance that you would with a private lesson, you won't. Pianokids offers a virtual teacher with each curriculum to get tailored advice that can help the students progress.

Why Our Course Provides The Best Online Piano Lessons For Beginners
As mentioned, our program was completely designed from the ground-up to ensure that it is tailored to your young kids in mind. In fact, our course is so comprehensible, your child can begin learning how to play the piano before they even learn how to read. We make learning fun and easy. They will be able to learn to play the piano as early as 3 years old. You won't find another course like it available anywhere.

Piano Games Online Using Keyboard
With your Pianokids Online Piano Studio Subscription, you will be granted access to all kinds of interactive games in order for your kids to be able to practice and have fun while learning. By making learning fun, it can increase the motivation your kids have for continuing on with their learning path. Kids love to play games and it can encourage learning and help them learn without necessarily feeling as if they are doing it.

Should You Get Online Piano Lessons For Kids?
It really comes down to whether or not you want to experience all of the benefits it can offer. If you want your kids to learn the piano or if they have shown interest in learning how to play the piano, there is no better way to do so in today's digital age. With the ability to learn on-the-go and without being tied to a specific learning schedule, it is the single best way to ensure your kids are able to achieve the learning consistency needed. Best of all, we have tailored our program and optimized it for younger kids. Where other learning programs fail, we have improved upon. We offer interactive games to encourage practice and learning. We offer prizes for motivation and we have affordable plans to ensure that you are able to continue with their learning path for as long as needed. If you are ready to get started with helping your child learn how to play the piano, sign up for Pianokids today.

Angela Grace
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Angela Grace

Ms. Angela has been teaching piano to children for over 35 years. She, along with her daughter, Ms. Erin (the virtual piano teacher) strive to make learning piano easier for families through affordability and convenience.