Reasons to Get Online

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Reasons to Get Online

Are you looking for the perfect way to teach your kids the piano? If so, online piano lessons for kids might be your best option. There are so many different benefits that can come from investing in online piano classes for your kids. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons to enroll your kids in the Pianokids online learning program.

Reasons Online Piano Lessons For Kids Is The Best Way To Learn:

1. Flexibility
One of the best benefits that come from online piano lessons has to be the flexibility that comes with it. With an online piano teacher, you will be able to get lessons for kids without having to coordinate with an instructor. This is going to take a lot of the normal hardship out of the process of finding a private teacher for your kids. Having to coordinate a good date where your kid, yourself, and the teacher have availability can be a struggle. Yo u completely eliminate all of this with online lessons.

2. Affordability
If you are someone who is looking to get your kid's lessons but you don't have the funds nor do you want to pay for a one-on-one piano teacher, online piano lessons for kids presents the best alternative. Your kids will get the same close instruction at significant cost savings.

3. Learn At Their Own Pace
Pacing can be a big problem in traditional piano lessons. With online programs, you completely avoid the pacing issues present in a lot of forms of piano learning. After all, you can go through the online versions of the curriculum on your own at your convenience. This alone can help your kids retain much more of what they learn because they won't have to either rush themselves or slow down based on external factors.

Why Pianokids Offers The Best Piano Lessons For Kids:

Made Specifically For Them
One of the main reasons why Pianokids, online piano lessons for kids, stand out has to do with the program being designed especially for kids. A lot of instructors out there aren't trained to tailor programs specifically for kids. Because of this, they don't offer the same learning experience that can be conducive to optimized learning for younger learners. Whereas, Pianokids was designed specifically with younger kids in mind. Thus, you will be able to take advantage of a course and program that was designed to retain younger kid's inherently shorter attention spans and give them the motivation to continue learning on their own. Having a curriculum and a program designed for younger learners in mind makes Pianokids the very best option available for learning piano.

Everything You Need
When you sign your kid up for the Pianokids program, they will gain access to everything they could possibly need to begin learning how to play the piano online. They will be able to immerse themselves in all of our curated material, lessons, activities, and support that we have to offer. Your kids will have everything they need to begin learning how to effectively play the piano even if they aren't at a reading level yet.

We Offer Competitive Pricing
You will likely find that our outside-the-box and optimized online learning path for your kids is much cheaper than the traditional methods that you can choose from. Typically, you will find yourself paying around $815 for traditional lessons per school year. Our early-enrollment only costs $191.99 and it includes the 1st month of the Pianokids Online Membership. Therefore, you are getting quality piano teaching for a bargain price.

Look At Our Testimonials
You will find numerous testimonials of parents and their success stories. We have been providing beta piano lessons for beginners online since 2010 which has proven to be a hit among parents and kids alike.

How To Teach A Child To Play The Piano?
The truth is, learning how to play the piano can be difficult. This is especially true when all of the programs and traditional learning methods are tailored to older kids and/or adults. Angela Grace, a piano teacher with 35 years of experience, sought to leverage the skills and experience she had gathered to create a highly optimized learning environment and online program for kids.

Make It Fun
One of the main things that the program does is to make things fun and easy for kids. Getting kids to really pay attention and to learn what they are getting taught comes with making things fun. This is why you will find a lot of fun activities encouraged throughout the curriculum. You will even get a "Funtivity" book with flashcards and a coloring book. These things will get your kids involved and excited to learn more about playing the piano.

Make It Rewarding
Having rewards not only works for adults, but it can be especially effective for kids. Kids are going to be much more interested in accomplishing something or doing something in general if they are getting rewarded for it. With Pianokids, kids will be able to earn reward prizes that are sent directly to your door for practicing. Therefore, it can keep them motivated and continually wanting to learn more and more. This incentive-based learning method has worked and will continue to work for young kids.

Library Of Music
Another thing that is important to do if you want kids to be engaged with their piano practice and learning material would be the right choice in music. Choosing the right music to get them engaged is key. Our lessons are full of a library of music that your children will absolutely love. This will keep them interested in learning how to play their favorite songs and to get more out of the program.

Practice With Our Online Piano Lessons For Kids Program
The key to learning how to play the piano always comes with practice. Therefore, they will need to continually practice on a daily basis to see any kind of results. By breaking practice sessions into smaller 20-minute increments, you can achieve great results with our program.

If you are ready to get started with helping your kids learn how to play the piano today, sign up for our early-enrollment with our special offer to get started!

Angela Grace
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Angela Grace

Ms. Angela has been teaching piano to children for over 35 years. She, along with her daughter, Ms. Erin (the virtual piano teacher) strive to make learning piano easier for families through affordability and convenience.