Best Online Piano Lessons for Kids

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Best Online Piano Lessons for Kids

Music gives wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. It marks the onset of creativity, innovation, and personality. What better way to expose your child to the beauty of the world than to introduce them to music at an early age? Do you want to know what your child can do from as early as 3 years of age? Play the piano!

Piano Lessons for Kids
From a very young age, kids begin relating to their environment through music. The piano specifically, is quite an enchanting instrument to children. If you are a toy enthusiast, you have probably come across black and white piano keys on many toys while shopping for toddler and infant toys. This is because kids can appreciate and work their way around a piano form a very young age.

That said, we are an online piano studio subscription that offers online piano lessons for kids with all the knowledge they need to play the piano beautifully. With our innovative program, Pianokids™, we teach parents, guardians, and even older siblings how to teach piano lessons to kids. Regardless of whether you can play or not, our piano lessons are fun, easy, and undemanding. We also provide the necessary support, activities, and guidance that you need to know how to teach a child to play the piano.

Piano Lessons for Beginners for Personal Development.
Whether you have a full-fledged piano or keyboard at home, we will teach you a lot of different songs for your child to play. Music can be the solace and safe space you need to nurture a great relationship with your child. It also marks the onset of interest, creativity, and self-expression for your kid. It is indeed a great way to make your child grow and thrive. Enroll in online piano lessons for kids today!

What Is the Best Age to Take Piano Lessons for Kid Beginners?
It's natural to feel like it's probably too early to teach your kids something as complex as the piano but we're here to reassure you. Kids from as young as 3 years old can operate the piano since piano keys are child-friendly. Kids, however, start understanding the piano fully at 6 years of age and even better when they are 9 years old.

That said, the recommended age to begin teaching your kids how to play the piano is between 6 and 9 years old. Exposing them as early as 3 years, however, will make it even easier for them in the long run. In fact, the famous pianist Mozart started playing piano at 3 years of age! To know the perfect age to start teaching your kids, look for some cues discussed here.

  • Is My Child Ready for Piano?
  • To know whether the time to learn how to teach a child to play the piano has come, look for either of the following clues:
  • Is your child hand big enough to reach for piano keys comfortably?
  • Can your child coordinate?
  • Do they possess fine motor skills, particularly dexterity?
  • Can they follow through a practice plan and stay focused?
  • Can they communicate effectively?

If your answers are yes, then the time has come.

Am I Too Late to Start Teaching Piano to My Kids?
Absolutely not! Your child may have already passed the threshold and checked marked the boxes a long time ago which makes you feel like their time has passed. You couldn't be more wrong! You can start teaching your child the best online piano lessons, and within no time, they will catch up. There are even adults who enroll for lessons as late as their 40s!

Here are the Benefits of Piano lessons for kids.

Now that you are guaranteed that it is safe and indeed time to start learning from the best online piano programs and piano lessons videos, here is what you and your child stand to gain:

A better grasp of the concept of music.
Learning piano is not just about pressing some white and black keys. It is the ultimate tool of music, since classical times. During our online piano lessons for kids, your child will know the history of music, learn how to read music, know-how notes work together, and even form a strong foundation on how music is made. This way, even if they decide to pursue music as singers, rockstars, or even dancers, they will be better at it because they have a firmer foundation.

It equips the child with important life skills.

They will first learn patience and commitment trough their regular practice and lesson schedule. As they play, they will also improve their coordination and motor skills. Not only does the piano involve the hands, but it also involves the eyes, legs, and feet as well. Though hard at first, they will get the hang of it eventually.

Learning how to play a musical instrument also instills discipline. It requires continuous study, practice, and support, a process that is humbling as it is challenging. This way they gain discipline and appreciate the value of hard work.

It fosters a positive attitude towards teachers, therefore better grades in school.
As they work with their online piano teacher, and their parent who is their piano teacher at home, kids will foster a positive attitude toward learning and their teachers too. This will be impersonated in school, which will result in better grades. Their concentration and commitment will also be reflected in their work at school, which will yield better results too. Moreover, music has been scientifically proven to boost children's IQ and academic performance.

It prepares them for life.
At first, your kids will set goals aiming at better finger movement and coordination. After they achieve this, they will start developing much tougher goals, to start being independent and play songs on their own. This way, they begin flying on their own at a young age, which is what life as an adult is all about!

Piano Lessons at Pianokids Online Piano Learning. We are committed to providing quality online piano lessons for kids. We will walk with you and your child at your pace, to make sure they grasp the hang of this amazing skill. By learning to play the piano, your child will grow in creativity and personal development. Contact us today and watch all the benefits of piano lessons for kids!

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Angela Grace

Ms. Angela has been teaching piano to children for over 35 years. She, along with her daughter, Ms. Erin (the virtual piano teacher) strive to make learning piano easier for families through affordability and convenience.