Music Lessons for Kids Near Me

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Music Lessons for Kids Near Me

Has your child shown interest in learning to play the piano? If so, you should encourage it with open arms. After all, science has shown that when children learn how to play music, their brains start learning how to process sounds that they wouldn't be able to hear through developing neurophysiological distinction. This has been proven to help kids develop enhanced literacy skills and better academic results [1]. However, in order to get the full benefits, children must actively be engaged in music lessons. This is why it is so important to find the right music lessons for kids near me that can motivate kids to continue with their musical learning journey. Below, you will see why Pianokids is the ideal music learning program for your kids.

Benefits Of Music Lessons For Kids:

Enhances IQ
Studies have shown that music lessons (specifically piano lessons) were able to enhance the IQ of kids who participated in them [2]. This alone should be reason enough to consider enrolling your kids into some type of music program. Learning music can really put your young kids in a very advantageous position to succeed in their education in the future.

It Forces The Brain To Work
There is a good amount of research that points to the fact that music learning forces the brain to work harder [3]. This is primarily due to the fact that playing an instrument like the piano requires you to actively use much more of your brain than you do when you aren't playing.

Better Test Scores
There is sufficient evidence that points to music learning helping with enhanced learning capabilities outside of music. Research has shown that students who attend school music education programs deemed higher quality ultimately score higher on standardized tests than those in schools with lower-quality music education programs [4]. This shows that kids who actively engage in learning how to play music in high-quality and optimized programs will experience benefits outside of simply learning how to play music.

Reasons Why Pianokids Should Be Your First Choice For Music Lessons Near Me:

The Program Is Optimized For Kid's
Many of the music lessons you will find online may be excellent, but they aren't specifically designed for kids. As a result, they can be very difficult for kids to navigate. Even worse, they can discourage kids from continuing with their music learning journey. Younger kids are not the same as older kids. Therefore, by enrolling your kids in music lessons online that aren't specially designed for their current developmental stage, they won't experience the full benefits they should be getting. With Pianokids, the program is fully designed from the ground up to optimize the learning process for kids aged 3 to 6 years old. This is an age group that doesn't have a lot of tailored educational music learning material available online or in-person. If you have kids within this age group, you should be seeking a music home-school that tailors the learning process to their developmental stage as Pianokids does with informative and engaging material.

The Program Is Designed To Be Affordable
We are well aware of how the experience of traditional music learning can be. After all, the entire experience of having to invest in musical instruments for professional classes can be exorbitantly expensive. This takes away the opportunity many kids have to be able to enjoy the various benefits that come with learning how to play music or the piano at all. We have done our best to break down that barrier for parents to be able to give the gift of music learning to their children. We've come up with an affordable piano course designed to provide music lessons for kids online. The ability to deliver a fully-fledged music home-school experience has allowed us to cut down the cost typically associated with traditional music learning into a fraction of the cost. We are very proud that we have been able to do this which should allow many parents to be able to afford something that would traditionally be unaffordable to them.

We Make The Program Fun
The key to getting good results with any type of music learning program for kids from the ages of 3 to 6 comes down to keeping things fun and exciting. After all, kids that are this young tend to have a difficult time staying engaged and remaining focused enough to experience the benefits of learning. As mentioned, research has shown that kids need to have an active and meaningful engagement to stimulate changes in the brain [1]. We took this same idea and applied it to the program we developed. Every step of the way, Pianokids is designed to maximize engagement with the students. The course is full of related and fun activities to maximize interest in the course and it even provides learning incentives by rewarding with both stickers and other prizes for continued learning motivation throughout the entirety of the course.

We Make It Convenient and Accessible
Music lessons for kids online provide an inherent advantage over a lot of the other traditional options available. When you are forced to look for music activities for kids or piano lessons near me, you end up limited to your physical location. Therefore, you really end up having to choose from one or two classes or schools nearby. This is something that can cause you to have to choose between undesirable schools, learning methods, or even a school or class that is farther away. Regardless, any inconvenience is going to decrease your willingness to continue allowing your kids to learn how to play the piano or music at all. This inconvenience leads to friction which can make it much more difficult to maintain the consistency you and your kids need to actually learn how to play the piano. We take the friction out of the equation with our music lessons for kids' online program. With our program, your kids will be able to enjoy a fun, engaging, and rewarding learning curriculum without having to leave the home. You simply cannot get more convenient than that!

Where Can I Find Music Lessons Near Me?
With Pianokids, you don't have to! We have developed a comprehensive learning program especially for kids from ages 3 to 6. This means you don't have to worry about driving your kids to and from piano class. You don't have to worry about figuring out a schedule that works with a busy piano teacher. Instead, you get the convenience of being able to have your kid actively participate in an engaging music learning experience at the most opportune time for both you and your kids.

Lesson Plans Are Optimized For Young Learning
Each lesson plan is broken down to where you will be able to sit down with your kids and help them learn how to apply the lesson plan for around 20 minutes or so. By breaking things down into shorter time periods, you should be able to keep their minds fully engaged throughout the entirety of the lesson plan. This will enable you to get active participation and their full focus and attention to maximize the learning experience. From there, you can gradually increase the duration of the music lessons and the amount of time you spend on them as your kids become more and more interested in the experience.

Does My Child Need To Know How To Play For Piano Lessons?
Absolutely not! This program was fully designed to help children ages 3 to 6 to learn how to play the piano with zero prior experience required. The creator of the program has been teaching this age group since 1989. Therefore, the program is not based on theory. The program is time-tested and your children will be able to learn whether they know how to read yet or not. With the online music program, you get music activities for kids that are designed for them to be able to fully understand and implement without any prior playing experience or reading skills.

What Do You Get When You Enroll In Pianokids Online Studio Subscription?
When you make the decision to give your kids the gift of learning to play the piano online, you will receive the following:

  • Pianokids Online Studio Subscription
  • Access To A Virtual Teacher
  • An Interactive Lessons Book and Library Of Music Specially Curated For Kids
  • An Interactive Piano Log With Physical Reward Prizes For Incentive
  • Interactive Games For Practice and Motivation

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Are you convinced of the many benefits of music lessons for preschoolers? If so, we're glad you're on board. We look forward to helping your kids get the ultimate music learning experience that is designed to enhance their love of music and encourage them to learn without feeling like they are learning. Right now, we are still offering our Early Enrollment Special Offer. Sign up today and give your child the ultimate gift of learning how to play the piano.






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