COVID-19 Looking for Fun Things to do with Kids at Home?

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COVID-19 Looking for Fun Things to do with Kids at Home?

Have you considered fun online piano lessons for your younger children during the coronavirus crisis? Have a look at Pianokids!

Life has changed in so many unexpected ways for all of us during 2020. For many families, there is no end in sight to shelter in place and no timeline yet for the re-opening of schools. With children home full time, team sports and group athletic activities canceled, and extracurricular lessons going online, we face new challenges to provide healthy and constructive input and activities for our children.

We’ve been developing the online Pianokids program for several years now, testing results with beta programs, and it’s ready to roll! Ë— Just when it’s needed most during the coronavirus shutdown.

The image shows an adorable little boy with a focused, intent expression, trying out the piano.

Kids’ Creative Activities at Home | A Shelter in Place Winner
“Homeschool-by-choice” parents find that one of the keys for happy and productive days is to provide not only academic instruction for their kids, but also to include creative activities such as music and art.

Self-expression is important for child development as it helps children learn to share their thoughts and cope with their feelings. Creativity aids both mental and emotional development, offering opportunities for problem-solving, trying out new ideas, critical thinking, and concentration.

So we don’t expect that your child will want to stop the Pianokids program even when things go back to “normal.” We’ve found that experiencing the piano at home with a parent or other dedicated adult has proven to be the most effective way for young children to learn. So while it’s serendipitous that our early launch takes place when most schools are still closed and “stay at home” is in place, we expect your child to enjoy and benefit from their keyboard lessons long after the Covid-19 pandemic has passed.

Stay at Home Kid Activities | Overcoming “Coronavirus Blues”
Do you find yourself in need of some “boredom busters” before everyone starts climbing the walls?

Pianokids incorporates a whole range of creative activities for your child! One of our trademark methods is alternating on-piano with off-bench activities to maintain youngsters’ interest and excitement. Our Funtivity Book provides the opportunity to develop coloring, tracing, and drawing skills in conjunction with their keyboard lessons. Kids will learn about the alphabet, colors, numbers, and the calendar with the engaging Pianokids method.

The image shows a grandmother and darling Asian little girl in a red dress at the keyboard. The grandmother is giving a spontaneous kiss.

Bonding Activities for Parents and Children | Learn at Home
There is a silver lining in these Covid-19 storm clouds that surround us if we can view this “shelter in place” time with our children as the priceless opportunity that it is Ë— the chance to invest our time and love to create strong bonds that will last for years to come.

According to the U.S. National Institute of Health, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, having a loving bond and attachment with parents or a primary caregiver is an essential element in children’s brain development and positive mental health. Parental bonding promotes emotional and social development, leading to positive social behavior and just plain happy kids!

Pianokids is the perfect bonding opportunity, allowing you to embark on a journey of learning, discovery, and creativity with your child.

Effects of Music on Child Development | No More “I Forgot...”
How often have you reminded your kids about something for the umpteenth time, only to hear the familiar response, “I forgot...!”
Learning to play the keyboard has a multitude of cognitive development benefits since it stimulates the brain and causes the brain to be more active, in particular the areas responsible for the storage of audio information.

“So do you mean playing piano can improve memory skills?”


Playing piano has proven to remarkably improve memory skills, along with building good habits of diligence, focus, stick-to-itiveness, and supporting hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and mathematical capabilities! And the list goes on!


Start your child’s musical adventure today!
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Angela Grace
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Angela Grace

Ms. Angela has been teaching piano to children for over 35 years. She, along with her daughter, Ms. Erin (the virtual piano teacher) strive to make learning piano easier for families through affordability and convenience.